The LaTex source-file(s) will be needed later when the submitted paper has been accepted for publication at JGL.

The first page of the manuscript must include:

The title, that is concise but descriptive and informative.
The precise authorship (full names preferred), affiliation and/or the address of the authors as well as the e-mail addresses.
The abstract, not exceeding 300 words.
2010 Mathematics Subject Classification following the annual index of the Mathematical Reviews.
A list of three or more key-words limited to six.
The number of pages in the article should not exceed 20 pages.

The items in the reference section should be ordered according to the alphabetical order of the authors and numbered numerically such as [1], [2],….
Figures or graphs, tables if included, should be with caption and should be cited within the article.

Manuscripts submitted to the JGL will not be charged with any publication fee.


Authors are required to submit their article through

the following E.Mail.

Reviewing Process

The reviewing process is set to 30 days in principle.
Peer review is conducted by THREE anonymous reviewers.
After reviews from Reviewers are submitted, the Editor-in-Chief will make a final decision, after which the author will be notified.
Additionally, papers approved for publication will be examined on the grounds of Research Ethics.


Authors will receive only one set of proofs for correction. No alteration or corrections beyond corrections on minor typographic errors will normally be accepted once the set of proofs is issued.


Abstract of each accepted paper will be published online immediately.


A Copyright Transfer Agreement is required before the publication of an article in this journal.
The submission of a paper implies the author's assurance that it has not been copyrighted, published, or submitted for publication elsewhere.


Electronic offprints of the article will be supplied to the corresponding author at free of cost in the form of a printable and downloadable PDF. Paper prints will be supplied upon request at nominal price.


For details on annual subscription of the journal and research articles, please contact:


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